Youtube Upload PPD/CPA No-Deletion Guide 2016

Ready to upload some videos? Make some money?

Not so easy nowadays, and definitely not as easy as back in the day.

I’m going to share with you several of my tricks and secrets in this post for uploading a video safely, proven with case studies. Leaching this information will result in a permanent ban from site and any products owned.

I do not use Mass Video Blaster or any related products.

This information took years of learning and testing. I chuckle a little every time I see a Youtube Mass Ban thread on a forum, because I’ve been there. It’s even more ridiculous when people come up with the solution to do all sorts of things to keep google from tracking them. Like disconnecting their internet, using ccleaner (overkill), change mac address, reset operating system, and more stuff that doesn’t make any logical sense.

I’m about to go over the Youtube ban checkmarks you need to avoid. When analyzing a saturated auto-ban niche. I like too start from the most likely cause and work down too things that could be getting it deleted but might also hurt my traffic and/or conversion ratio last. I honestly never thought I’d share this information. I hope you use it wisely, here we go…

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