Hello internet marketers!

Hi Im going to go by Ace for now.

Like many of you I like to do internet marketing, im very pationate about it. I’d like to someday be a millionaire from it. Its my destiny and like vegita “I will ascend”. Ive been doing internet marketing for more then 5 years and have learned a ton. Im not a very good writer as you can probably tell but I’m a very informative and truthful person. I don’t sling bull. If you ask ask me a question I’ll tell you straight out whats what. This blog is to help other and myself stay focused. I’ve noticed that I have the personality type that is more focused on the journey then the goal. Which is a problem in internet marketing because having the knowledge is not enough. You have to implement it.

Im a white/grey/blackhat marketer. So I cover all realms. If you ask why I do blackhat at all. Its because I find it more interesting.

This blog will sell my service and products. Follow my journey. Help keep me focused. Provide support for subscribers and customers. Organize and sort useful and valuable Internet Marketing information.


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