Facebook PVA Account Creator Addon Announcement!

Facebook PVA Account Creator Addon Announcement for the Gmail PVA Account Creator.

This new bot will make verified accounts using the Gmails Created exclusively with GPAC and bypass any sms required. At your request of course. It will be a seperate bot and start at $9.95 a month and go up after each sale.

So far the accounts seem great and are letting me create pages and such with a url no problem.

Right now the bot just needs a few more tweaks and then got to make it look pretty and it will be ready for you guys within a week.

Let me know if you guys have any interest or questions on this.

What has Aces been doing? This is a split Business/Life post.

First im going to discuss business.

> 8-7-15 Addmefast v2 was released. Its geniune as it uses 2 sets of social media accounts for 1 addmefast account. This way it increases points while decreasing your risk of getting any accounts banned. Im very happy with how it turned out. Its not the prettiest software but I guarantee its the most efficient way to get addmefast points.

Support issues. I realize awnsering emails and skype has been a little slow. I’d just like to apologize. I would be more help but I like to make sure everything is done right and I don’t want some random virtual assistant messing with my customers stuff. Most of you know I like to keep support pretty efficient. One problem I had was gmail was putting all emails in my spam folder. I have fixed that today and should be responding faster.

Gmail PVA Account Creator changes. I’d just like to say thanks to all my first customers, its been a real pleasure working with you and I know you have been enjoying all your PVA accounts and making $$$ with them. Purchasing SMS will still be available for $5, but only through fiverr. Also the packages have increased by $5 each so there is now $15 and $25 packages. Youtube and Google + beta features will be getting worked on within this month I promise.


Personal part.

I don’t really keep a personal blog, though I should. I just hate writing for some reason. The reason support has been a little slow was that my birthday was 2 weeks ago. I went on vacation. Then I met someone on it. I’m sure a few of you know how that can mess with your head. As soon as i got back from vacation, I had a order for a custom bot that took up 100% of my time. Then I got kicked out and had to move. I didn’t have a desk and couldn’t setup my stuff. So its been a very weird 2 weeks for me and thats why updates and support have been a little slow. Things should be a little more back to normal now. I have spent alot of time on this software and acesseo.com stuff the past 2 months and it has taken alot of my CPA and PPD time away. Im going to try and recover some of that while still providing support to you guys.

Thanks for reading,

I hope you have a great day, Aces SEO.

Shared Proxy Test on Proxy-N-VPN SUCCESSFUL!

Its 7-30-15, after losing out with actproxy.com(DONT USE), I decided to try some proxy-n-vpn shared proxies. There 2x more expensive but man SO worth it. I got 95% non-pva’s on first gmail pva account creator run. I still highly recommend them. Not overused yet at all.

Addmefast Bot


For those who haven’t saw, my addmefast bot has been released. Its good if you want to sell services or accounts on fiverr, or just use to boost your own seo signals or brand.

Google Voice No Longer Good For Facebook

I was looking into google voice for facebook verification and as of this post 07/15. If you verify your account with google voice or reverify. Apparently they are banning those accounts. Unfortunate. So if you need to reverify any accounts i suggest not doing it with google voice. I personally don’t think its a good idea to use google for anything.

Addmefast Bot, Member Registration, and Case study…

I will be re-releasing my addmefast bot in a simpler form. I have no idea why everyone is always freaking out about Addmefast bots. W/e though.

We will be opening up member registration for our site. So customers can view our locked content and other features.

We will be adding some interesting case studies soon to the navigation bar up top. You should check it out. Information is gold.



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