Gmail and Facebook Software Update Plans + Future Premium Content

11-10-2015 We have big updates planned for both the gmail account creator and facebook addon. Both are working great right now. We are just going to re-design the UI, Clean up the menu, and create more options in regards to data for our users. These future updates will hopefully make it easier for us to add requested customized features for our users.

We might be releasing some free bots soon for account checking. Look out for that. We have decided to scrape the forum idea and making a easier to use premium content section with easy commenting for our loyal fellow marketers.

Have a great day!

Facebook Addon update.

11-5-15 We have released a update on the facebook pva creator addon. If you already have this it should update automatically.

Christmas and 4th Quarter Niches

I have either been lazy or extremely busy but the niches I planned for this upcoming time of year I might have already missed out on. If you haven’t start yet asap is your best chance to get ranked for the upcoming niches. I won’t give any specific niches away, but December is definitely one of the best months for PPD/CPA.

Updates and New Plans!

9-28 Ive enjoyed working with all of my customers during this new venture. I know there has been a few bumps but I always do my best to get the software and such working for you guys. Then you seem very happy with the results. On a personal note, my nana just passed away today. I know support has been a little slower then usual because of our computer crash and now this. She was very close to me and taught me alot of things. We all have our own personality but the people who raise us are still a part of us.

On a business note, we’ve caught up on most updates for software. Everything is still working 100% so if your interested in the software don’t hesitate. It will be working for a long time. Thinking about how to improve support and provide more content for you guys I’ve decided to install a forum too the site. There will be a premium content section of course with all the actually super useful information. Instead of a usual fee I think access will be allowed for anyone who spent over $100 on this site. That way you for sure get something for your money and the content is just a bonus. There will be a public support section which I hope will help all customers in my absense when Im sleeping or trying to win over a lady. Otherwise internet marketing is my passion. Hope you are all doing well and have a good day! 🙂

Reset Licenses!

I know there has been a number of people who need there license reset. I can do that now. Please re-send any email or msg me on skype. Skype has been making our computer freeze up so were just on the web version so that might be a little slow for now.

Recent Updates!

9-24-15 I know support has been slow the last few days. Our computer crashed so we lost alot of information. Nothing to concern you guys but our last few customers it took a lil longer to get there sms accounts up and running. Also support specifically on skype was non-existant from 9/21 – 9/24. Usually we have everything backed up but it looks like some key account stuff was missing. Right now we cannot reset any license. If you need this done please wait.


Otherwise sales and everything will be working fine. The best way to get ahold of us is through email. Thanks for your continued support!


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